Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home again, home again

Well, here we are. Back in Hay River after our 3 weeks in Comox, BC. We had a lovely time, spent almost every waking moment outside, shopped til we were cross-eyed, and drove Gramma and Poppa crazy! I am sure they are enjoying the peace and tranquility of their home, now that they can hear themselves think!!
We returned to Hay River Friday evening and blah!!!! It is grey and dreary and (as Peekaboo pointed out from the airplane...)there is still SNOW!!!
All that aside, it is nice to be home. Ez crawled around, from room to room, checking out everything. I am not sure if he was exploring because he didn't remember his house, or if he was checking to make sure all his stuff was still where he left it!! Peekaboo went right into her room, and put on a pink dress...what a kid!
Tim had spent some time cleaning and straightening while we were gone, and we had that undone in about 10 minutes. Nothing like returning from a trip to put a house to shambles-sorry Tim! I noticed, and it was lovely, but now we are here and with us come the messes of life!!
NeWT was BERSERK!! I think that is the longest time she has been apart from me, and she was CRAZY when we came in. Tim had shut her in the office, so that we could get in the door without being molested. When I let her out she just freaked! It was nice to see her too, I missed my girl.
I am fairly anxious to return to the usual schedule, playgroups and Play School for Peekaboo. We have had no schedule to speak of for the last few weeks and I am hoping, now that we are home, everyone (meaning Ezra) will settle down (meaning sleep for more than an hour and a half at a time)!!

On a completely different note....Congratulations to the Wents!!! They had a big, handsome baby boy on the 21st!! Yay! (I still think you should have named him Fischer-it would have been the perfect name for Hunter's little brother!! But, Cavan is nice too!)

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Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahahha I agree- Fischer would have been great!