Friday, April 10, 2009

More Comox fun!

Here, in Comox, the number of little motorized carts that are driven around by seniors is astounding. Well, my father got one for my Grandma to use when she came out to visit...She didn't come...but Dad still has the cart....Apparently it makes a fun toy!Wow! What a crew! They must be all related! And yes, my goofy daughter is wearing ear protectors...the Snowbirds were practising...

OK, to be honest, it does look fun-next time I am driving!
Ezra is getting in touch with his inner outdoorsman! He discovered Gramma's garden and applauded her efforts! I think he has come to realize the joys of not having to wear every article of clothing he owns in order to go outside!

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flipper said...

Love the picture of the kids and your Dad! Glad your having a great visit. Looks so nice and warm!