Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Wedding.....

So, for those of you who don't know....Tim and I aren't actually married-yet.....
My Dad and Liz will be in Ontario as of this Saturday, whooohooooo! And our good friends Frances and Adam and their two boys will be too. I had a middle of the night brainwave....why don't Tim and I get married while they are here?!?! So, we had about 4 weeks to organize this 'extravaganza' for July 1st!
We got the licence, we met with an officiate (who is fabulous!) and sent out the homemade invitations. We only invited about 2 dozen people, but would have happily invited everyone we know!!! Unfortunately, most of the people we know are in another province....We will be thinking of you all.
Wanting to make this event as groovy and fantastic as possible, and also as inexpensive as we could, required some thinking and imagination....
I bought Peekaboo an off-white dress at the Thrift store. We then went to Len's Mill and bought ribbon, little ribbon flowers and sparkles for embellishment. I am making her a flowered headband with ribbons and beads to go with it!
I looked at some lovely dresses for myself in various Thrift stores and Value Village, but happened upon a beautiful, silk, awesome dress, NEW! I had to have it!!
We are having a potluck bbq after the ceremony, and the next consideration was dishes....Real or paper? China or plastic? I opted for paper plates, the 'good' ones, but have to have real glass for the champagne. I raided every Thrift store in the KW area and bought all the champagnesque glasses I could. I bought glass paint and got busy! These will be 'take-homes' for the attendees of our event!

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

I really like the one with the blue stripe and the daisies....

Dad, Liz, Mom, Peter and Gramma

Groovy flowery...

For the kids!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Old dress!

This weekend, while in Owen Sound, I took photos of Peekaboo wearing this lovely little dress. There are photos of me wearing it when I was 4 and photos of my mom wearing it as well!! Isn't that crazy! I will have to get it printed out and find a 3-fold frame to put them all side-by-side!!

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Monday, June 7, 2010


I am constantly working on some project or another....moosehide or deer hide slippers, knitting, crocheting, cake building, bed painting....something.
Well, I started a project in Hay River in March-and finished it (Finally!) last night. While at the K'amba Carnival Pancake Breakfast in March, Peekaboo spotted rabbit fur dyed pink. Diane provides many Northern crafters with sinew, hides, pelts, beads....etc... She had pink fur, I thought Peekaboo was going to explode.... I told her I was NOT buying pink rabbit fur...Guess what? I bought it. And then I began my long, complicated project...slippers for her using said fur. She wanted ballerinas on the uppers. Well, having worked with beads quite a bit, I knew that I was not going to get the details required for a Ballerina with way. So, I began to experiment and ask around and decided on embroidery. I have never embroidered a thing in my life, why not start now!??!
I wanted a good contrasting colour for the background, and decided on denim. I even bought one of those hoopy things. I did two different ballerinas, a different pose on each foot. I had this all finished before we moved, then I packed everything away and haven't thought of it since!
Last night I finally finished putting the Pink Rabbit Fur trim on, and they are done! Peekaboo hasn't seen them yet, but I think she will love them!!

Part of the reason said slippers weren't finished sooner, I started another project since moving....a sweater for Ez.
I was at my Mom's with all my crafty stuff packed, when we first arrived in Ontario. I spotted a yarn store in downtown Owen Sound and, with my inability to pass a shop full of colourful wool, bought a pattern, some wool and the required needles (mine were all packed, but I can always use more!!)
I am not in the habit of using patterns, I find them difficult to read and the finished project never turns out quite like the photo. I prefer to make my own pattern and then pretend the finished piece is exactly what I was planning....! But, this time, I got the wool lady to explain it all to me and off I went. I finished said sweater on Saturday night. I tried it on Ez Sunday morning and he wouldn't take it off....must mean he likes it!!
Peekaboo has requested one... in PINK!!