Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tigger and Peekaboo's Dog Sled Adventure!

Peekaboo and I went dog sledding at the Beck's this afternoon. It was AWESOME!! I am so glad we went, and so glad that I got to share this neat experience with Peekaboo. We ran the 3 km trail (didn't want "the short one" to get too cold) and it was great. The dogs were lovin' it, the silence was amazing, and Peekaboo enjoyed it as well. It is so cool that I finally have had the chance to do this, after talking about it for YEARS!! Peekaboo the Musher! Awesome! Us with the team.

Skating with Santa!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Treehouse Christmas Party

The Treehouse Christmas party was today. It was great. There were lots of kids there, and even gigerbread cookies to decorate!
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Decorate it? I am just gonna eat it!
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Here comes Santa Claus!!

The Big Man himself attended the party. The kids were very happy to sit and wait their turns to see him. Peekaboo has done this before but Ezra has not seen Santa (the life-size version) since he was a baby. We were unsure how he would react....
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Peekaboo's third Santa sighting this year! She was very happy to speak with him again, and remind him that she would very much like a "horse stable"!
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And....Ezra decided that Santa is fine from a distance, or in miniature form! Not so keen on the live version! So, we now have the standard "screaming on Santa's lap" picture! Merry Christmas.....!
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bowling Queen!

The Play School Christmas Party was yesterday. It was at the bowling alley. Peekaboo got right into it this year. She had a great time, hanging out with her friends, eating lots of food. She even held her mouth right and managed to knock down some pins!
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Look who came to the Play School Christmas Party!!

After the bowling, there was the sweet sound of Christmas bells in the air.....
SANTA!! The kids were so excited. Peekaboo was very patient, and waited her turn to sit with him. She was very anxious to get a chance to speak with him and ask for her "Horse Barn"!!
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