Monday, September 21, 2009

Play School

Today is, officially, the day. Peekaboo is heading to Play School in her new shirt (thank you Great Gramma!) and sunny, smilie face! She takes the bus, stays for the whole morning...she even had homework!! (Today they are talking about Grandparents and she was to bring in some photos!) Have a great day, Kiddo!!
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"What is all the fuss about anyway?"

Ezra isn't sure what the big deal is!!
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Friday was International Talk Like a Pirate, here is our little, baby pirate! Isn't he cute?!? Amazing what you can do with some clothes that don't fit anyone and a pair of scissors!
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It's Play School Time!!

Wednesday was the first full morning of 4-year-old Play School. Peekaboo picked her outfit (thank you Gramma M!) She was packed and ready and eager to get to 'school'. I can't believe how big she looks! My Baby!!

She had a great morning and is happy to see a few familiar faces in her 'class'. The bus starts on Monday, yahoo! She is happy and so am I, it means Ezra and I don't have to get up, dressed, fed, and into the van to drive her there!

Happy Back to School everyone!
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Little Boy!

I'm sorry Ezra....OK, I'm not really!! I just had to share this photo of him playing in his sister's room. He had on her pink tutu, a lovely purple beaded necklace and a purple purse. Just perfect!
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"Indian" summer in NWT

What a fantastic way to spend the weekend! The weather was spectacular, the Fall Fair and Trade Show was at the arena, Tim didn't have to work....All-in-all, Fab!!

The kids had a picnic dinner in the yard tonight, taking advantage of the warmth while we was 27 degrees this evening! Amazing!
And, of course, Peekaboo "the poser" couldn't pass up an opportunity!

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Monday, September 7, 2009

A package-yippee!

Peekaboo loves going to check the mail. A very unique part of living in a remote area is getting great stuff in the mail. We were greeted by a terrific surprise from Great-Gramma McCullough, to Peekaboo's great joy! Ezra was unsure what the hullabaloo was about....?!?
After opening said package, and gleefully parading about with her new 'pinky-pink' clothes, Peekaboo told me she needed paper and her pencil crayons. When asked "Why?" she responded, as only a 3 3/4 year-old can, "So I can make a Thank you"....and so she did....Not bad, eh?
Ezra celebrated in his own way, by going outside and getting disgusting-He got some new clothes too, maybe this was an attempt to get me to put them on him....?