Sunday, June 28, 2009

Outside fun!

We finally had a nice day, weather-wise, and the kids were thrilled to spend some time outside. Ezra enjoys the sandbox, and Peekaboo was helping him explore the wonder that is sand. He also enjoys the plethora of Dandylions in our yard-whatever, Peekaboo thinks they are "beautiful flowers...." Ezra, apparently, thinks they are "something tasty for me to put in my mouth!" We picked up a $5 pool at Fields. Ezra wasn't quite sure what to make of this new addition to the yard....

Ezra finally braved it, crawling in over the side..

...then screaming and crawling out the other side even more quickly!! A little too cold I think!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Cute pillowcase, cuter twirly skirt!

This skirt started out it's life as a pillowcase-a groovy pillowcase! I wanted to try out a pattern before using any nice, expensive I got a pair of pillowcases at Fields for $2.50! It is a great twirly dress-Peekaboo wants me to make MORE, Mommy, please.....?

Monday, June 22, 2009

We had a very busy Sunday, not only was it Father's Day(Happy Father's Day!!)....Peekaboo also had a birthday party to attend.

Early Sunday morning, we let Ezra have a crayon and try his hand at colouring....He coloured with blue and red, he ate purple! Daddy was on the receiving end of this work of art!
At 11 Peekaboo and Iwent to a 4th birthday party for her 'school' friend...Kynidi...pronounced Kennedy. She has lots of fun toys; including a Mustang and a Trampoline! We were there for 2 hours and Peekaboo never stopped! It was lots of fun, and Peekaboo was asleep in bed by 6:45!!

Soft doll-making

We made some cute, little dollies on Thursday. The girls picked what fabric they wanted from my vast collection, and I sewed them. The girls stuffed them (they also stuffed the fluff up their own pantlegs-goofballs!) They turned out very cute. Peekaboo named hers Sally, and Josee named hers Jasmine!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another cake!

So my friend, Lynne, was looking a bit crazy this afternoon when I saw her (crazier than usual, which is saying something!) When I asked her what was up she said that her daughter's birthday is tomorrow and the woman who she usually gets to make the cake is unavailable....So, I volunteered! I told her, with such short notice, it would be neat but not too extravagant. Sarah, her daughter, is having a Barbie Mermaidia birthday (I had to look that up on the net....) The mermaid looks nothing like Barbie (thank goodness!!) but I am sure she can pass for one of her anatomically challenged friends!!
It is a three layer chocolate and marble cake, with buttercream frosting (chocolate frosting between the layers) and the details are in marshmellow fondant. Not bad for one afternoon and evening-interupted by children, dog, hubby, children a few more times!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Last day of Play school

Tomorrow is Peekaboo's last day of Playschool (for this year). They are having a concert and lunch, in celebration. Peekaboo is excited about the concert, but sad about Playschool ending. I am stuck in Mommy-denial....there is no way that a full 'schoolyear' has passed since I first put my little baby on the little, while Playschool bus....

Anyway, for the concert tomorrow the theme is Camping. Peekaboo has been singing camping songs since last week. I heard that there were no volunteers for the job of cake maker for this event, so..... Guess who made a cake! I think it is super cute! There are 12 'students' and 3 teachers. A couple of trees and a campfire. I wanted to put a tent on it too, but ran out of room-I guess I made my People too big! Peekaboo decided that a tent sticker would do the trick! Tim's favourite parts are the little, tiny marshmellow sticks!

This one is Peekaboo, with a pink sleeping bag of course!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Our new puppy

Don't worry! I haven't complicated our already crazy lives with a real puppy! Lately, when playing outside in our front yard, Peekaboo has been barking and howling at people on the street! I kid you not, she runs over to the fence, stands on the lower beam, and barks at people as they walk past our yard...Yep. She does.
She has been getting some fairly strange looks from those on the receiving end of her 'attacks', but...whatever! At least I am keeping my dog secured, in my yard!
It is pretty funny! I took a little video, but this impossibly unpredictable blog site won't let me upload it....Check it out on my Dropshots page

Friday, June 5, 2009

Sew fun!

I think Tim has finally come to terms with the fact that the sewing machine may never leave the kitchen table again!! Every time I finish a project, and am about to put it away, I come up with some new project to try.

I made some crayon rolls and small, soft-sided doll houses...cute and fun to make. I sold a few at the Children's Swap at DJSS last Saturday.

While we were down south in April, I bought a little reversible dress for Peekaboo in a used clothing store. It is super cute and any time it isn't in the laundry she wants to wear it. Well, I looked at it and thought "That would be pretty easy to make...." So, without a pattern or a clue where to start....
Then, because I bought WAY too much material, I made a reversible sun hat to match (might be a bit much to wear all at once!!)