Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bring-your-own dollhouse!

So, Ezra got a really cute little barn for Christmas. It is soft, portable, and it got my imagination all fired up! I went online and found a 'tutorial' for a little dollhouse. I made a few changes, added a few details that I wanted and 'voila'!
I made this one for Peekaboo (this is version #3!) I have kept it hidden from her and plan to give it to her on Sunday on the plane, hoping it keeps her occupied for part of the flight. Tim and I found her staring at a package of Princesses in True Value last Saturday, tiny little versions of Cinderella and Snow White. I made this house a good size for them, and sewed 'pockets' into the walls, to hold them. (the one in the background was version #2, slightly smaller, 2 handles instead of one...will be perfect for Peekaboo's friend's birthday in May)This was version #1. I started this all by wanting to make a neat birthday present for Jacob. I made his a traveling circus. It has velcro instead of buttons (I don't think Jacob can work buttons yet!) and I added some Little People circus critters!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Those are super cute!

tamara said...

Hey Tigger, what did you put in-between the fabric so the walls were stiff? Cardboard? They would definitely make a great personalized gift. I'm starting to think that you should just open your own store!

UK lass in US said...

They look really cute.