Monday, April 6, 2009

Yay!! Spring!!

The kids and I made it to beautiful, snow-free, Comox-yahoo!! Peekaboo is thrilled that there is "no snow here, Mommy!" We arrived at Dad and Liz's late in the afternoon yesterday-after a brief shopping spree in Nanaimo-and the kids were outside immediately! I sat Ezra down in the grass on the front lawn....hilarious! He hasn't seen grass since last summer, and I think he forgot it! He wouldn't put his hands down for the longest time, and when he finally did he made the craziest face! Now, of course, he loves it-apparently it is very tasty, as it is in his mouth constantly.

We went out today to run a few errands (holy, can I just comment on how cheap diapers are down here!?!) and stopped at a park. Planted Ezra in a swing-he sure wasn't completely convinced that was a good idea! He didn't cry, but he looked mighty concerned!

We made the required stop at "Gramma and Poppa's orange store...The one with the car carts, Mommy" (I don't have the heart to tell her that the store doesn't actually belong to Gramma and Poppa!)
After supper, of lovely organic home-made minestrone soup and fresh baked buns, Peekaboo had "a great idea. How about a hot tub instead of a bath tonight, Mommy?!" How could I refuse!?

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