Monday, April 13, 2009

Our day at The Theraputic Riding Barn's Easter Fun!!

The Courtenay Theraputic Riding Barn had an awesome Easter themed fund raiser on Sunday. We went down, even though the weather was less than stellar.....

There was an egg hunt...each family got their own stall to look for easter eggs in the hay.

There were numerous little games;fishing pond, lollypop tree, hockey puck shooting, etc.

Inside the barn (because it was really windy and wet outside) they had the petting farm and the blowup bouncers.

There was a tractor-drawn hay ride through the neighbouring treed lot...

Poppa went with her on that one-Liz, Ezra and I were soggy and wanted to stay inside-lucky Poppa!

But, the most exciting, thrilling, stupendous, wonderful thing of all? "Pony" rides!! Peekaboo met and got to pet a horse when we were down last spring. She really liked it, but she got to see how big they are and was a little scared. This year I wasn't sure how into the horses we would be....but....Whatever! They had a lovely little pony named Beauty-perfect Peekaboo size!

Then, after a brief hot dog break, she wanted to go again! This time a slightly bigger pony named Sparkles! She LOVED it!!

And, by the end, the weather even got nicer and the sun came out!!

Happy Easter!!

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tamara said...

What a great experience for the kiddies. Looks like the organizers did a wonderful job putting together a fun filled day. I wish I was still little!