Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ezra is ONE!!!

Today my little man turned 1 year old! It never ceases to astound me how fast time can go... The last year has been crazy, infuriating, awesome, perplexing and fantastic! It seems like Ezra has always been part of our family, at the same time it feels like he was new just last week.
We had a nice little party for him. Camdin, Cody, Jacob and Ian came to celebrate with us. We made it a lunch party-the little ones are in better spirits in the morning I find!
I had himmed and hawwed about the 'traditional' first birthday cake in our family. All of us, me, Kelsey, Deni, Peekaboo and even Tim (the first birthday he was with me) had pink elephant cakes. I wondered if I should change it up, since Ezra is a boy....Decided, why break with tradition!!??

It is still pink, I just added some fun things to make him a circus elephant! With the young guests, one of whom is allergic to eggs, I made a low sugar, eggless, apple spice cake-it was yummy!

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