Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday-1 year old!

The boy had his party on his birthday-Saturday May 9th. We had a few little friends over; Cody, Camdin, Ian & Jacob. There was lots of noise, lots of toys, lots of fun! We opened the gifts first-everyone was very generous, Thank you! Then we had home made Macaroni and Cheese. The pink elephant cake was a smash hit!

It seems crazy that Ezra is one already...I know everyone says that about their children...It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the time can fly by! Ezra's personality has really begun to shine through-he is a bit of a goofball, how surprising! He loves things with wheels, and anything that makes noise. He is a SUPERFAST crawler, which makes me wonder if he will have the motivation to start walking any time soon...? He eats almost anything, including all types of veggies. He LOVES fruit-especially kiwi and blueberries. He hates socks, and removes them at the first opportunity-very handy when it is -35 outside! He loves his sister, and follows her around the house (much to her frustration some days!) He smiles easily, laughs often and is a cutie-pie! The only complaint we have is the occasional night of frequent waking (which I could remedy if I really wanted to...) and the continual battle with his congestion. The poor little guy has spent so much of his life stuffed up, I think he thinks it is normal....

Ezra is super awesome. Peekaboo is the best big sister out there and we are all very, very lucky!

Happy First Birthday, Ezra! We love you oodles!

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tamara said...

Happy birthday Ezra! They do grow very fast.
I can believe how blond his hair is.