Thursday, May 28, 2009

Signing times!

So, I have been signing to Ez for months. I have started with the basics; milk, Mommy, Daddy, more, dog, apple. He does milk and more (which he uses as the affirmative for any question you ask him..."are you all done, or do you want more?" "more" "do you want to stay here or come with Mommy?" "more" "it is time to get out of the bathtub, pull the plug" "more"...) So, the other day Ezra had his first non-baby cookie. Peekaboo and I made low sugar cookies and cut them out in all sorts of great shapes. He had a little piece of one, and YUMMY!!
On Tuesday we were out for a walk, ran into some people we knew and started chatting. Ezra decides he has had enough, starts squalking. I say, "Ezra what is the matter?" He signs 'milk', perfectly understandable, then he signs "cookie" !!! I have shown him that sign about 4 times! Does he sign 'apple' or 'banana' or 'grapes'...? No, COOKIE!! Can't say the boy doesn't know what he wants!!


Arctic Fox said...

Good for him! When did you start signing to him? We have been signing milk, mommy and daddy, but that's it so far...probably because there's really nothing else he wants or needs now.

Happy Signing!

Tigger said...

Started at about 8 months...earlier with Peekaboo...but they both started signing back at around the same age. He understands when I sign though, even if it is a sign he doesn't do yet.

Tigger said...
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