Friday, September 26, 2008

Quiet once again...

Well, the parental units have departed for parts south. It was super-fantastic having them visit, a very nice autumn surprise!

With only 11 days until my sister arrives for 1 1/2 weeks, it is difficult to not feel the tug of family. We sure miss having those we love closer-which leads me to the discussion that Tim and I have at least once every two weeks...If we move from here, where should we go?
Those of you who know us also know that we have moved from Hay River twice before. We always seem to wind up back here somehow! We moved to Ontario for 3 weeks, the summer of 2004, after living her for only 10 months. We moved back and stayed until Peekaboo was almost 6 months old, moving to Comox BC in the spring of 2006. We stayed there until August, at which point we moved to Inuvik-I taught Grade 4 there for the year. July 1st saw us heading back to Hay River.
With a second child now in the picture, one more reason to be closer to family. My Dad and Liz are the only family that have actually met Ezra-the Ontario crew hasn't had the pleasure yet. Our children have celebrated holidays and special occasions without their extended family. It makes me sad. Aunt Deni will be here for Peekaboo's birthday this year, and she is super-excited! It is the first birthday she will have had with anyone besides Tim and I.
Peekaboo also is very creative, artistic and energetic. I think she would absolutely blossom in a dance or movement class of some kind. Again, not available in Hay River. She loves to spend time outside, as do I. Unfortunately, the two seasons here are 'bug season' and -40 season!
Every time I see my family, it brings all of this up again. I am fairly certain that if we move again, we won't be moving back! We will see.
In the mean time, Peekaboo is thoroughly enjoying Playschool. She finally got to take the bus, and didn't even look back as she barrelled down the driveway! She is preparing for her 3rd birthday party, complete with Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake, and Aunt Deni!
Our weather has turned around, with sun and a warm feeling in the air-after a week of rain and tremendous winds.
I am the Coordinator of the Hay River Playschool Halloween Carnival, and am enjoying having the excitement of having something a little different to do!
All in all, it is shaping up to be a pretty nice autumn!

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