Thursday, October 2, 2008


So, for those of you keeping track....I stay at home with my (almost) 3 year-old daughter, and my 5 month old son, and I babysit a friend's 3 year-old daughter. I make fleece dresses and jumpers that I am going to try and sell at the annual Christmas craft sale in November. I have been teaching local Hay Riverites how to make tiny knit hats for babies in Africa, and I started this blog :P
Now, I have volunteered to coordinate the Hay River Play School's annual Halloween Carnival! It is the weekend before Halloween, and is a major fund-raiser for the Play School. I have a great committee to work with and delegate to. I am working on getting donations and prizes for the kids, figuring out what equipment we have from last year that we can reuse, finding out if I have a budget and what it might be, and (most importantly) what Peekaboo, Ezra and I are going to dress up as!!

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