Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time, Time, Time....!

I haven't posted in a while (as you can see!!) I have been busy with, well, life!!

This weekend I was at the annual craft sale, selling my wares. I did pretty good, made a profit anyway! Peekaboo is more than willing to wear any of the leftovers!

We have been fine. Ezra livened up the house for a few days while cutting his first tooth. It made it's appearance on Wednesday-thank goodness! He is doing fine, weighing 19 1/2 pounds at 6 months old, no worries about him!! Peekaboo is great. She is really enjoying Playschool, and comes home just full of new information. I am still looking after Charlotte 4 days a week and that is working out really well. She and Peekaboo play well (well, as well as can be expected of two 3 year-olds!) and they travel to and from Playschool on the bus together.

Our crappy town has cancelled our Santa Claus Parade!! Hay River sure can suck some times! How disappointing. It was supposed to be today, but.... We decided that we are going to decorate for Christmas today. I know that it is still November, and we have always waited until the first weekend of Dec to decorate, but this year we need the extra holiday boost that having festive decorations up will give us!

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year. Peekaboo is asking Santa for a music box that sings "Baby Mine" (nothing like being specific!) and a set of dominoes?!?! She is one strange child!! Ezra would be happy with a box full of paper, but Peekaboo is asking Santa to bring him a new toy too!!


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

What??? Why did they cancel it? Nards.

I love the polar bear fleece pants!! There were a few woman selling awesome kids fleece stuff in Whitehorse too. I hate hate hate sewing with fleece.

And your chunky little man!! I think Hunter is only 24lbs and he is only 17 months. But he has always been super scrawny- the kid has no butt!

Tigger said...

Peekaboo is super skinny, we have pant issues now that she no longer wears a diaper....Conversely, with Ezra, I have a hard time getting his pants up over his butt!!