Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fall Fair and Trade Show

This weekend was the annual Trade Show and Hay River Fall Fair. Peekaboo and I decided that we would enter some things into the Fair for judging. I entered the gloves that I made for Tim, a hat that I crocheted for Ezra and a jar of my fabulous peach jam. Peekaboo made a fantastic mural for the Fair Theme "Through the Garden Gate". The drop off time was Friday after lunch. Peekaboo and I had discussed the fact that we might win a ribbon for our entries-very exciting! When we dropped off our entries, Peekaboo wanted to know where her ribbon was!

Well, she did get one-she won 1st prize for her mural! It is titled "A Family Walk Through the Garden" It has Ezra, Mommy, Daddy and Peekaboo footprints walking through a garden that Peekaboo painted-nice!

I also got 1st place ribbons for my gloves and hat. My jam didn't win-I am sure it is because there doesn't seem to be any peach jam up here, they didn't know how to judge it! I think it is delicious!

When we entered our things, there was a draw for a prize-one each for adults entries and kids. I got a phone call today, at the end of the fair, Peekaboo won! A scarecrow, 2 free movies, a free swim, a package of popcorn and a computer bug!

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