Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My lapse in 'Blogging"

My good friend, Kara, has been chastising me for my 'blogging'. I told her that I am fairly certain that she is the only one who reads it!! It is just as easy for me to email her directly! But, in all fairness, I should continue to update-just in case!
The kids are fine. Ezra has had a monster cold for over 4 weeks-ugh. I am not fully convinced that it was 'just a cold' - I had him into the clinic and into emerg...I was told, by our astounding medical staff (when we actually had some in town) that it was 'just a cold', 'he doesn't look sick', and MY FAVE...'oh, he is just teething' AAAAHHHH!!! I tell ya! Frustrating! I feel horrible for the poor, little guy-he has been miserable. I don't want to say the words out loud, but I think it might be letting up.....cross my fingers.
I have been conned into adding to my already overloaded life...The Play School that Peekaboo attends is non-profit, and it gets most of it's money from fundraisers thoughout the year. The last one is an Auction held in May. Each family is responsible for providing an appetizer, a dessert, 2 things to be auctioned off and they must help the night of..... crazy, yes? If you don't fulfill your "commitment" they cash a $100 cheque that you were to give at the beginning of the year. After considering what was expected, I had begun to think just letting them cash the cheque would be cheaper, and easier.....Then, I got the phone call.
"Hi, is this Tigger?"
"Ummm, who is this?"
"I am Tiffany. I am in charge of the Play school auction"
"Ummmm, O...K...?"
"I was told you were crafty"
OK, let's stop right there....crafty? Like a fox? Nope, not what she meant.... Apparently every year they auction off quilts with the kids handprints on them. These things go for major money, I am not kidding. Last year one sold for over $1000!
You can see where this is going, can't you? Somehow, by the end of this phone call, I am making 3 quilts-yep, 3! One for each class, doncha know?! How do I get myself into these situations? Cuz, making 3 quilts is easier and cheaper than just letting them cash the damned cheque!?!?!


tamara said...

Hi tigger, it's Tamara Just want to let you know I am reading your blog as of right now. Congrats on being crafty. I hope you've got some people to help you along. The children look beautiful. I was recently looking at pictures on your drop shops. Ezra has really grown. I love his little teeth. Too cute.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

heheh sucker!