Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summertime fun!

It has been absolutely lovely here for the last few weeks. Sunny, warm and the bugs have been blessedly absent....knock on wood. Yesterday and today, rain, rain and more rain. We do need it, but we don't want it!!

Last weekend the local SPCA put on a fundraiser, Dawg Day. It took place at a local business, The Woodshed. Peekaboo and I baked some dog cookies for them to sell, she was a great help (and the dogs don't mind so much if she licks her fingers while making their cookies!!)

We took NeWT to the Kid's Animal Parade, and we won "Happiest Dog"! Anyone who has met NeWT knows that this title is well earned! Peekaboo posed for a picture with the certificate that she won, and it appeared in this weeks paper.

This past week Peekaboo took part in a Scavenger Hunt at the park. She was given a piece of paper with pictures of the things she was to find, great idea for those non-readers!! It was lots of fun, and at the end she got a prize!

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

No doubt NeWT won happiest dog!! Cute pictures Tigger!