Friday, August 29, 2008

Peach jam

One of the things that I often get sent up to me is peach jam. The two local grocery stores do not carry any (and no, apricot is NOT the same!) So my Mom and Sisters have sent me a few jars, my good friend Frances has brought me some back from her occasional trip 'out'. The problem is, the only jars available in 'the world' are tiny and last Peekaboo and I about a week and a half (yes, she shares my addiction). So yesterday, when I noticed peaches at our local NorthMart, I thought "Hmmmmm, I could make my own peach jam....couldn't I?"
Today I bought a dozen peaches, some pectin and a large bag of sugar (which happened to be on sale-yippee!) and set to work. Tim had some 1 L mason jars left over from some strange project or other-so I was set.

Well, licking the spoon-the jam tastes great. I did something wrong, however, as my fruit is all floating. Now, I don't particularly mind that the fruit is on top and all the delicious jelly goodness is on the bottom-something to look forward too! But, I admit to periodically shaking the jars-trying to 'mix it up'!!

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