Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Contact from the South

Anyone who lives about the 60th knows what it is like to try and shop here. You become a pro at the online purchase of just about anything. We are lucky to have my Mom and 2 sisters in Ontario who periodically send us fantastic packages in the mail. We received one such package today-yahoo!

After battling to get Peekaboo using the toilet, successfully, it is frustrating to not be able to get her any 'big girl panties' in town:(

Ezra has outgrown every teeny, tiny pair of socks we had-thank goodness it has been 24 degrees, and he hasn't needed socks! I cannot get something as simple as Peach Jam for my breaky at either of the local grocery stores, ugh!
Previous packages had included awesome shoelaces....with no shoes, for Peekaboo. She was very confused by this, why one would come without the other. This package-new shoes!!

Our package was loaded with items we needed-thank you Gramma B and Aunties-and items we may not have needed, but things that certainly brightened our day!! I mean, who doesn't need a pink, Disney Princesses, storybook, fleece pillow?


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