Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Big Ez!

Ezra, Peekaboo and I were out and about on Saturday at various K'amba Carnival Events. We went to the pancake breakfast, we went to the old village ice crossing and watched the start of the 10 dog sled race, then we went to caboose hill to watch the sleds pass on their way back from the bridge. The weather was fantastic, the kids well-behaved, the day loaded with fun!

Ezra and Peekaboo went 'sliding' while we waited for the dogs to come through. Once they did, Ezra was considerably more interested in the Ski-doos accompanying them then the dogs!!

We live in a very interesting, exciting town some days! Where else can you watch dog sleds, tobaggan, and buy rabbit pelts all in the same morning?!?

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