Friday, November 20, 2009

Snow rage!!!

I am in a rage about the snow etiquette on my street, though not entirely sure why...!

We have a very long driveway that is fenced on both sides. The only place for us to put the snow (and boy is there a lot already!) is the easement in front of our front yard fence. Well, our neighbours, apparently, think the same. Not only have the next door neighbours been putting all of the snow from their driveway in this space, the guy ACROSS THE STREET had a front end loader put about 4 huge dumps of snow there today!

Now, I am a reasonable person....but REALLY! This guy also plows his entire driveway as well as a "parking" area on his easement. There are no piles of snow on his property, at all. He has the loader push it all to a bit of 'green space' on one side of him and to our yard apparently...

I am not sure why this is bugging me so much, but it really is!

There, that is my rant for the night!


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Go slice his tires!!

Robyn said...

Send you kids out to move the snow and build one huge-ass snowman right in the middle of his driveway!