Monday, November 23, 2009

Future Singing Sensation....

This past Saturday Peekaboo and I went to the church Christmas Bazaar and Tea at the Community Centre. Linda Atwell was singing onstage with a Karaoke machine. Peekaboo was throughly enjoying it. I looked up at one point and she was lying across the stage, feet in the air, bopping to the music.
Well, Linda was enjoying her company so much she asked if Peekaboo would like to sing with her (I am sure she was expecting her to say "No!") Anyway, this is Peekaboo and Sarah (my friend Lynne's daughter) standing on the stage, singing "Rudolph"! She did a great job, even though her hand was in her mouth-the only sign of nerves!

This is "Look, they are clapping!" After the girls finished singing the whole community centre applauded!