Saturday, July 25, 2009

An overdue update

We have been having some computer issues....mostly the mouse, but also just 'stuff'. I had no idea that you could kill you mouse with, what I can only assume was, overuse! But, a new mouse, some reset 'cookies' and we are golden!
The kids are great. We are finally enjoying some much anticipated summer weather. The temperature has been hovering at or around 25 for most of the week-lovely. After an early, cold and 'unfun', introduction to the pool Ezra has changed his tune and won't stay out of it!! He is one groovy guy with his shades and summer hat on! He can't decide what is more exciting, the little pool or the diggers and dozers working at the end of our street-I think it's a tie.
Peekaboo got a movie from the library last week that came with 3D glasses! She wore them for the photo, but request 'just a normal movie, Mom'!

yep, that is Ezra standing in NeWT's food dish....?!? With all the cake baking and decorating that has been going on over the last few weeks, it was only a matter of time.....Ezra had his first "beater". Thank goodness there are two, or I might have some kind of mutiny!

Peekaboo was thrilled to get to decorate her own little cake with some of the leftover icing and sugar flowers-it was beautiful!

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