Saturday, July 11, 2009

A BBQ cake

Friends of ours are visiting from Faro (Kara, Matt, Hunter and Cavan-see blog on my list) We are having a BBQ with them and I am bringing a cake. Kara watches my blog and requested a mosquito/blackfly cake! I didn't want to make one giant, I made a 'bug' cake. Peekaboo was happy to help out! And yes, she dressed herself! The round portion was my first attempt at homemade pound cake with strawberries and chocolate ganache in the middle.
The rectangle is plain ol' chocolate cake! It has blackflies, mosquitoes and bees in the 'sky' and ants and ladybugs on the 'ground'....complete with anthill. I think the kids will really like it! And no, those aren't real rocks. Tim thought they were!


Arctic Fox said...

EW! I love it!

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

That cake rocked!! It looked amazing and tasted great. Thank you so much Tigger!

tamara said...

Fantastic cake! Are the wings made from parchment paper?