Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The parade

Happy Canada Day!

Today was the Hay River Canada Day Parade! Yahoo! We managed to get everyone organized and downtown in time for it's 10:30am start. Peekaboo has developed a sensitivity to loud sounds like horns and kids banging their hands on a table repeatedly (this happens at play group and she gets very unhappy-who can blame her!?) At the Santa Claus Parade she cried because of the fire engine siren. Knowing that sirens make up a good portion of any decent sized parade, we needed to come up with a solution that would have her able to enjoy the parade without being bothered by the sirens. So, she wore Tim's ear protectors that he uses when shooting! She looked hilarious, but they worked!! The only problem was trying to get her attention....she couldn't hear me!

The local blackfly and nosee'um population also enjoyed today's fesitvities-ugh! The bugs were out is full force, unfortunately.

Aside from the noise, and the tiny, buzzing company, it was a lovely parade. Afterwards, there was a carnival (of sorts) with free hot dogs, and some games for the kiddies. There is also a river raft race. Only 2 rafts were entered this year, and one sank! We didn't hang around long, the bugs were too bothersome and nap time was quickly approaching...

Happy July 1st all!!

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Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Those ear muffs look so cute on her! Hunter is the opposite- the louder and more obnoxious the noise the more he wants to go towards it. Typical boy eh?