Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy November

Hey all. I have been negligent in my 'blogging'.....Ooops! To say I am sorry would be a lie. We have been busy, really busy!
Peekaboo started school. She is in Kindergarten Monday, Wednesday and every second Friday. Her teacher was concerned about the fact that she didn't attend a formal JK program...she is no longer concerned. I am, however. Peekaboo brings home one worksheet a week in her "Sharing folder". She is already asking me for more because the one from school is "boring"! If she thinks school is boring at 5 years-old...yikes! We will be getting a 'performance report' (or 'Report Card') this week and will know better....
Tim has started a job, quit it and started a different job! All I can say is-Thank Goodness! The first one was horrible. He has only had the second one for 2 weeks, and I can tell you it is WAY better.
I have been offered a part-time job as well. EyeGO is a Canadian Arts Council program that is working on getting a younger generation of theatre-goers. I am the new "Development Officer". It is a part-time position, out of my home (yay!) 10 hours a week. It has potential for growth, and could become full-time in a year or so. I haven't officially started yet, but I am optimistic.
I have also done a little stint at the University of Waterloo. I went in and 'taught' some of the second year tech class for four days. It was AWESOME! I really missed that in my life over the last few years...being appreciated for something other than my crafts skills and ability to make up songs at the drop of a hat!!
I have also been making the odd cake here and there. I posted some photos on Kijiji and waited to see what would happen...got 6 orders for cakes in October-not bad!! None for November yet, but I am kind of enjoying the break. And, to keep myself busy, I am making slipcovers for a friends' dining room chairs!
We have been to a local farm to celebrate Autumn. There were hay bales to play on, wagon rides, petting zoo, clown show and a corn maze-very fun. We also enjoyed a little of Octoberfest this year. The kids and I went to a free lunch at Waterloo Town Square for the opening ceremonies....

The weather has been holding nicely, with sunny days and cool, crisp evenings. Peekaboo has yet to wear her winter coat-and loves it!