Sunday, September 12, 2010

Crazier than usual!!

Well, it has been a harried, lets get everyone up to date....
I started a job, in Guelph (ugh), the van died, I quit the job, Tim started a job, we got a second vehicle, Ezra got his 4th UTI in 18 months, Peekaboo started Kindergarten, I started decorating cakes again, we got a QUEEN sized bed (yahoo!) that all??
Yep, I started a full-time job in Guelph. It was pretty neat. It was going to be a big adjustment for everyone...but then the van died and Tim got offered a full-time job here so I had to quit after only 2 days. Not cool. The kids are happy though.
Tim started a job this past Tuesday. Will be a challenge, but similar to what he was doing in the NWT, so I think he will be fine after a month or so.
The van......? Don't even want to talk about that!
Spent over 9 hours total trying to get Ezra in to see a Dr to get a prescription for his 4th UTI in the last 18 months-FRUSTRATING!!!
Mom bought herself a new bed, and brought us her Queen-sized bed-it is AWESOME!! And we got new sheets too! Happy Wedding to US!!
I will give some details of Peekaboo's first day of school in it's own entry-I think that is only fair!
I posted an ad on Kijiji for cake decorating.....I didn't expect to get many responses, after all I live somewhere that has actual bakeries now. Well, shock! I had 3 cakes in 3 days!! Check out my Sew Sweet blog for photos.

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