Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I can't help but think of my friend Jen when I think of sunflowers. She tried desperately to grow some at RKY camp one summer, but the chipmunks thwarted her every move!!
Well, Peekaboo had much better luck. She started some seeds in a little container with her Playschool in Hay River. We moved them, and I wasn't sure they would survive, but....
When Tim arrived in Ontario one had sprouted!! Yay! We set them in the window sill and kept watch. To our amazement a few more sprouted and I quickly decided we needed to move them out of their tiny container if we wanted them to do well. We have a large barrel in the backyard that was too heavy to move so we transplanted them into it. Some of them were too close together, but some were able to be separated. They have grown and grown! This week most of them are blooming! Peekaboo is thrilled (and so am I!!) The first sprout, the one I was able to separate from the rest, is still the biggest and it hasn't bloomed yet. We are interested to see how big it will grow.
In the meantime, Peekaboo is enjoying her "field of sunflowers". Hope you enjoy them too!!

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