Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fun week....

With the weather being so nice, and Tim still home, we decided to take advantage and go on a family trip to the Toronto Zoo.

We got up early (earlier than usual!) and were on the road by 6:45. Then.....the 401. Turns out that not much has changed in 7 years, including the frustrating endevour of trying to get anywhere on that highway. It was stop (litterally, STOP) and go from Milton on. It took us 2 1/5 hours to get to the zoo! Amazing! Luckily, we have awesome kids! They were great in the van, entertaining themselves and us for the entire trip!

We finally got there and it was great! The weather was perfect, warm but not awful. There weren't a lot of people there when we first arrived, and the improvements they have made to the overall layout made for a good time. We didn't get stuck behind big hoards of people, we could see, we could get into all the exhibits. Unfortunatley, there were a number of animals 'off exhibit' or enclosures that were closed for 'construction'...but, all-in-all, FUN!!
They have a new area, the KidZoo! So great! The kids, and the adults, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The trip home, only 1 1/5 hours! ohhhh the 401...we saw some OPP 4x4 race by and traffic started to slow around Cambridge, so we got off and went through town home. We arrived, safe and sound and exhausted. Both kids were in bed, asleep, by 6:30! Both parents probably could have been as well!

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